‘The Devil & The Gays’ Video Now Online

Bar Wotever have put the talk I did last week on YouTube!

I didn’t have a clue how it would go down – homosexuality and religion don’t exactly make for easy conversation and not everyone may be interested in hearing a talk about it, but the audience at Bar Wotever were so welcoming and receptive, and afterwards quite a few people came up to me to share their thoughts and some thanked me for broaching the subject.

The next day Bar Wotever said on their Facebook Page:

“This Wotever Talk ‘The Devil & The Gays’, must have been one of the most amazing talks we have ever had the fortune of having at Bar Wotever. Insightful, smart and and even funny at times.  Thank You Menno for bringing this to us and sharing your knowledge so widely and generously! In the end it is all about love, know yourself and who you are. ♥!”

It was a great evening – there was poetry, there was live music – Bar Wotever is quite a unique platform, and they have something different and interesting lined up every Tuesday at the RVT.  A big massive thank you to them for having me! 😉


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