About The Project

The Face Of The Devil is a short documentary film that investigates the true identity of the devil and how this relates to human nature.

The devil has become ingrained in cultures around the world through language, literature, art, music and festivals, transcending religion as a general personification of evil.  Although the devil has gone through various incarnations, the most enduring image is probably that of a red coloured horned creature, half man, half goat, with a long tail and a pitch fork.

This documentary asks the following questions:

  • Where has this image come from, and how accurate is it a reflection of who the devil really is?
  • Why has the devil become so objectified, and what does this reveal about us?
  • What role does the devil play in our understanding of who we are and our personal development?

Through exploring these questions, this documentary aims to uncover the real face of the devil.  It will feature vox pops and interviews with experts in the fields of history, psychology and religion to provide a deeper insight into a figure that, like a modern pop icon, may be better known for his image than his true identity.

The documentary will be written and produced by Menno Kuijper.  It will be released at the end of January 2012.


4 thoughts on “About The Project

  1. Can’t wait to see it!

    A bit about the Devil in Ukraine (my opinion):
    Since the population is divided into believers (christians) and non-believers, it seems like believers have a fear towards this word. They mostly try to avoid saying it to not set a curse upon themselves. The most effective protection from him according to people are a cross, a prayer, “sacred” things, a “magic” circle. And the rest of the population easily uses the word in catch phrases and idioms. And I read that there’s a difference between our devil and western-european one: according to folklore’s interpretation of the Devil he is not appearing to be a powerful and strong Lucifer-like antihero, but rather a comic creature.

  2. Great, thank you! There is a saying in English ‘Speak of the devil, he’s sure to appear’ (there are many variations). Nowadays this is mostly used as ‘speak of the devil’ when someone you’ve just been talking about shows up. The devil in Western Europe also found itself reduced to a comic figure at some point, but films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist made him scary again!

  3. Hey Menno, excellente website. Very interesting project indeed. Here’s a link to the film we were discussing yesterday, The Innocents. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/1099622-innocents/
    This film was way ahead of its time, and what is most remarkable, the super clever use it makes of special effects and particularly sound, creating tension through an extremely disquieting cacophony around the hunted house. The film deals with the concept of evil and with the face of the devil too. I will send you some photographs I took at the East Side Highgate Cemetery to see Marx’s grave, although apparently the West one is the most beautiful one and has incredible gravestones and Gothic motifs.

  4. Yes Menno its a very good subject indeed! I dont believe that the Devil is the red-clad, double horned demon who wields a mean pitchwork. It only represents a face of a master magician which is our own Ego- driven, inside each one of us. The Ego that is invisible and influential, the unseen force that makes us hurt and hate. Actually ‘ his greatest trick the devil ever pulled was tricking humanity into believing that he doesnt really exist!’ This line is extract from the film The Usual Suspects, written by Christopher McQuarrie

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